2011 Juni

It’s a good day…

…to be alive! I had a lot of fun making this :D

Some close-ups:

“No flying machine…

…will ever fly from New York to Paris” – Quote by Orville Wright, builder of the first airplane.

This was my first time digitally coloring one of my sketches. I’ll definitely do more!


Here’s two self-portraits I did last year in Paris. They’re both oil on canvas, 60×60 cm.



Rapidograph on bristol, A3

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A Better Tommorow

My “Too Much is Never Enough” t-shirt design is now up for voting at A better tommorow.

So check it out and please vote here! A better tommorow

Too much…

…is never enough!

Skateboard deck

Here’s a new illustration I did on an old skateboard deck of mine.

More photos of the final piece can be seen in the portfolio section, or if you’re feeling lazy, under this link: Skateboard

Click “Read More” for some images of the progress:

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Il y a une vie…

… avant la mort! (French saying for “There is a life before death”)

Typographic experiment, I’ll be doing more of these soon.

Au revoir, Paris!

Leaving Paris for the summer, au revoir!